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As well as providing expert conservation services, DFHCS also supplies high quality products that assist in the preservation, display and accessibility of heritage, private and archival collections. Products from the following suppliers are sold through DFHCS. See Price List for prices and availability.

La Papeterie St. Armand

The Saint-Armand paper mill was established by David Carruthers in 1979. They produce handmade papers, machine-made Canal papers, and the sanded paper Sabretooth. Their paper is used for cover stock, boxes, labels and folders. They also make pads, books, presentation folders and invitations.

The Saint-Armand handmade papers are made one sheet at a time following traditional methods. The sheets have 4 deckled edges and no grain direction. Pulping is mechanical, using only water and rags, which keeps the fibres long and pliable. The paper is made without chemical or bleaching agents, with white paper made from white tee-shirt off-cuts, and blue paper is made from blue denim.

Canal papers are 22" x 30" sheets with two deckled edges and two cut edges, grain long. The white is available in block pads for watercolour and sketches. The black denim makes a good background for photographic albums. There are approximately 20 different types of Canal paper made from linen, sisal, flax, cotton and denim.

Sabretooth is a sanded pastel paper with a marble dust coating is applied to 100% rag paper. It resists turpentine and water wash and is ideal for dry pastel, charcoal, paintstick and oil pastel.

DFHCS sells the full line of St. Armand Canal papers, Old Master Drawing papers, and many of the Decorative and Coloured papers. Images of the papers can be found online at la Papeterie St. Armand’s bilingual website http://www.st-armand.com/English/E01-welcome.php


Conservation Resources InternationalCRI

For over 25 years Conservation Resources International has delivered the highest quality conservation and archival storage materials to major institutions dedicated to preserving cultural and historical artifacts worldwide. They have developed and patented a large number of products and are constantly seeking to identify needs in the conservation community and develop products to address these concerns. If you are looking for materials to treat and preserve items of historical, cultural, or personal significance, and do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us or CRI directly. Many of the items in their inventory are the direct result of customer input.

DFHCS keeps frequently ordered items in stock. At present, the following products are available:

MF3040-02 0.20 Lig-free map folders
MF2436-02 0.10 Lig-free map folders
Micro Chamber Binders Board:
MCIP-3648 MicroChamber Interleaving Paper Sheets
MC-BW33 MicroChamber General Purpose Black/White Paper
LTFF-R Letter Size Traditional File Folders, Reinforced
LGFF-R Legal Size Traditional File Folders, Reinforced

The complete line of CRI products, available through DFHCS in Canada, is found on the CRI website, www.conservationresources.com. Technical specifications for their products can be found at http://www.conservationresources.com/Main/S%20CATALOG/TechnicalInfo.htm .



DFHCS is a Canadian supplier for Artifex Equipment Inc. Artifex's tools and supplies assist in the recovery of water damaged books, documents and works on paper. Their products can be used both in emergency preparedness situations and at the bench for humidification, flattening and adhesive attachment for boxes, books and works of art.

The Vacme Press was designed as a production tool for clamshell boxmaking. Because it is light-weight, portable and can be easily stored away from the workbench, it is an effective alternative to the cast iron screw-press.

Zorbix to patented super absorbent sheets can be used to dry water-damaged books and documents in days instead of weeks. Simple pressure or weights will move the water from the document to the super-absorbent active ingredient within Zorbix. Zorbix also serves as a humidification device similar to Gore Tex, but many times cheaper.

DFHCS carries Zorbix and can supply the Vacme Press upon demand. Detailed information on these products can be found on the Atrix website at http://www.artifexequipment.com/zorbix.html


Milliput is a versatile two-part, cold setting, non-shrinking epoxy putty that can be used in the conservation treatment of porcelain, ceramics, marble, wood and terracotta artifacts.

Milliput is tough and durable yet can be easily sanded, tooled, sawn, drilled and carved. It is electrically insulating and will set underwater. It is water, heat and chemical resistant. It can also be tinted during mixing, or painted after drying.

Because its final hardness is not dependent on bulk, very small forms will cure just as hard as larger ones. This makes Milliput (especially the fine white version) ideal for delicate forms.

Milliput is available in five grades: Standard (Yellow/Grey), Terracotta, Silver Grey, Black and Superfine White. The Superfine White, Black and Terracotta are in stock. It is packaged in two 2-1/2 oz. bars (1 bar each of resin and hardener).

Please contact us for a sample, or for a quotation on your requirements.



Univenture Uni

DFHCS is a Canadian reseller for Univenture, an American company who manufactures archivally- safe polypropylene products for storage of documents and photographs.

The Univenture polypropylene sheet protectors are made of 3.5 mil and are available to accommodate documents, business cards, trading cards, legal pages and photographs. They are durable, functional, and cheaper than sleeves made from polyester terephthalate. The legal size full sheet protector is currently in stock.

Univenture also makes a fully enclosed case binder in both coloured and clear 100% polypropylene. The binders come in 1/2", 1” and 1.1/2” capacity, in legal and letter size. They are fully enclosed to keep contents dry and dust free, and are stackable. Even the rings are made of polypropylene! The binders are available in 6 colours and transparent. The 0.5” letter size is currently in stock.

Detailed information on these products can be found on the Univenture website at http://www.univenture.com/ .